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Quit the misery, take that old sword and make yourself a name.

Endless epic is a 2D side-scroller taking place in sumerian times. It's a rogue-like game I'm making during my free time in Unity.
For the moment there's only one type of dungeon and one enemy. It's still a prototype, there's a lot of features and corrections do add so feel free to post some critic in a comment :)

Progression: 5%

Feel free to change the controls (I move using Q/D) cause I have a azerty keyboard. The donations are unavailable until the 0.9.3

Current version :  0.9.11

Next version : 0.9.12 (0%)


Build for Mac OS
Build for Windows
Build for linux

Development log


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Really neat art style, will definitely be keeping an eye out for more!

hi and big thx for this great demo. i love the artwork so much. the models are made with so much love, full of detail, wow. 5/5 and greetings from germany

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Wow ! I'm so amazed ! I'm so sorry by the way I don't understand german T-T but thanks you so much it's really cool, I really need to work harder no !

hi :) big thx, that make me so glad. people on my channel love your great game too and will see more :) greetings and good work :)