Version 0.9.11

The new version is done ! Here you can see the details of the new version.
I hope you'll enjoy the game, don't hesitate to let anything you want in a comment !

Corrections :
- timing attack player
- 3D audio sources
- echo effect corrected
- exit’s triggers
- better texts
- better footsteps
- distance’s values without coma
- hurt animation can stop other ones
- the highscore is updated only when you beat it
- start position of the player
- can’t spam the forward attack
- now different audio sources for the voices
- ennemis hurt boxes on their legs
- save the help states and the camera zoom

New features:
- blood particles
- zoom with I & K
- backward dodge of the player
- ambiant sound
- fading between scenes
- game over screen with random quotes
- dodge for the enemies
- +2 attacks for ennemies
- player can make a strong attack when standing
- pause menu
- stunned animation when ennemies are hurt while attacking
- forward and backward attacks for player
- toggle the help
- rest room where player restore his life
- more decorations : rugs, coffins, tablets shelves and a statue of Ereŝkigal

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